About Us

Bosad completed its founding process as a professional association in paint and coatings industry with its’s nine founding members (Betek Boya San.Tic. A.Ş., ÇBS Boya San.Tic. A.Ş., DYO Boya Fabrikaları A.Ş., DYO Matbaa Mürekkepleri San.Tic. A.Ş., Jotun Boya San.Tic. A.Ş., Marshall Boya ve Vernik San.Tic. A.Ş., Meges Boya San.Tic. A.Ş., Polisan Kimya San. Tic. A.Ş., SG-Weber Yapı Kimyasalları San.Tic. A.Ş.) in July 2003. By the end of 2010, Bosad has more than 75 members. The 80% participation rate within the “National Paint and Coatings Industry” represented within the registered economy is considered as a significant development for the association. Bosad’s efficient work in the sector has contributed to its power as an “Sectoral Association”.

Bosad’s basic aim is to contribute to the development of the Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry, increase national paint consumption, provide the consumers with modern and healthy products and to contribute to the EU integration process on a sectoral basis by adding another export field to our country’s economy.

Bosad's general activities can be classified under four basic headings;

  • To collaborate with the related bureaucratic bodies in order to determine and solve macro- and micro-level problems concerning all sectoral fields connected to the paint and coatings industry and to make preparations for the EU integration process
  • Project-based work to solve technical infrastructure problems in the industry
  • Ongoing promotional and collaborative work undertaken jointly with professional institutions of the sector
  • To increase industrial authority and activities on the international stage

Beside all those works, Bosad constituted approximately 15 working groups with the technical supervision of Board Members, concerning the technical and economic structure of the industry. Those groups have been working with the effective and productive results. 150 experts from member companies are providing support to the Work Groups focusing on the industry’s actual and structural problems. Related working areas are also serving as a model for other sectoral associations.

On the other hand, as a NGO, Bosad collaborates with other Occupational Organizations in related fields like Chemicals, Construction and others, participating in joint projects. Some of the main sectoral associations collaborating with Bosad are: TOBB, İMMİB, İTO, İSO, ATO, GSO, İMSAD, İZODER, KMO, TKSD, KİPLAS, TİSİT, MAPESAD, PAGEV, TÜSİAD, İKV and other equivalent institutions.