Our Principles

Basic Work Ethics Bosad Members Are Required to Comply With


Bosad (The Association of Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry) targets to contribute to the general economical and social development of Turkey and to raise the competitive power of our coating industry in the international arena, always abiding by the basic principles of the national and international legal systems.

Bosad’s aim is to maintain collaborative relations with all private/public institutions, companies and NGOs via official initiatives.

Bosad’s essential vision is to provide the development and efficiency of the Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry and to be the leading and model institution of the whole sector. Within the framework of this essential approach, Bosad and its members comply with all personal and corporate standards and codes of conduct which, contemporarily have been adopted by all as the guidelines of the free competition system.

Our association has adopted the following work ethics required to establish good business relationships and to allow the best practices. This basic document draws its power from its voluntary participation feature. The belief and acceptance of the principles and rules stated in this document surpasses all supervision and sanctions.

Bosad members and companies not only comply with the following General Work Ethic Principles in all their business and work activities with their national and international business associates, customers, suppliers, partners and employees, but they also make active efforts to ensure their propagation and adoption.


1) To determine the universally accepted Work Ethic Principles which ensure the continue of the free competition system,
2) To contribute to the implementation and development of the mutual trust principle in the business world,
3) To prevent attitudes and behaviors inconsistent with work ethics,
4) To defend work ethics in the coating industry thus contributing to their implementation and improvement,
5) To spread and generalize awareness about the contribution of work ethics in the efficient and productive usage of our country’s resources.


Members and their companies abide the rules of honorable and honest conduct in business life. Within this context:

1) They don’t damage to others intentionally by their commercial activities, their services and products,
2) They don’t use any confidential information for their benefits,
3) They and their companies, subsidiaries, partners, and affiliates don’t profit in a way which could affect other persons or bodies their independent decision-making process,
4) They don’t make any misleading statements and attitudes about their own or other companies’ commercial and financial status,
5) They have full responsibility for the products and services they manufacture and provide within the paint and coatings industry and sub-industries; they also do what is necessary to rectify and compensate damages caused by the use of said products and services.

Bosad members and companies are required to comply with all national and international law norms in their activities. Within this context:

1 )They fulfill all administrative and supervisionary obligations provided by law.
2) They don’t keep misleading or false records, they don’t misinform authorities.
3) They don’t be a part of illegal activities. They don’t resort to methods contrary to business and social ethics.
4) They don’t engage in unfair competitive practices by straying from the law and from internationally adopted principles of honesty.

1) They comply with the essential principles of honesty, equality, providing a safe and healthy work environment, personal respect, contributing to employees’ personal development and refraining from forcing employees toward illegal activities.
2) Members and companies do not discriminate against race, religion, political inclination, philosophical belief, denomination, age, handicap and gender, they comply with all equal opportunity laws and regulations.
3) They ensure the safekeeping and confidentiality of all confidential employee information.
4) They encourage employees to acquire knowledge and skills for their professional development.
5) Within the legal and competitive limits, they share the decisions and information about the future of the company with their employees.
6) They engage in corporate activities aimed at evaluating the employees’ recommendations, opinions and complaints.
7) They contribute to the development, implementation and propagation of professional traditions, also promoting nation-wide recognition and understanding of unwritten traditional work and moral ethics.

Bosad members and their companies, subsidiaries, partners and affiliates don’t employ actively serving parliament members or public servants; they don’t employ them in administrative, supervisory or any other position in their companies. Public servants employed in member companies who are engaged in a public partnership constitute an exception. Members and companies don’t use their employees’ political relations for commercial interest, nor for personal or corporate benefit.

Bosad members and companies abide by transparency and honesty principles regarding the holding, usage and safekeeping of information. Concordantly, also in compliance with regulations and without jeopardising their competitive capacity:

1) They give accurate and complete information about other institutions and organizations in which they hold a membership.
2) They inform the public about their corporate policies and performance, and about their company’s structure and activities in terms of environmental and ethical values.
3) With the objective of providing their shareholders and investors with the opportunity to make informed decisions based on accurate information, they regularly provide reliable and detailed information.
4) They are obliged to preserve the confidentiality of confidential information unless they obtain the permission and approval of their partners or clients or unless there is a legal obligation. They are also responsible to prevent the misuse and wrongful usage of said information.
5) They don’t attempt to obtain trade secrets or confidential information by resorting to methods incompatible with business and social ethics.
6) Bosad members are legally obliged to comply with the General Tendencies and Practices of the Turkish Private Sector. In this context our members are required to keep their activities within the registered economy. In addition, they are liable to fulfill all legal obligations regarding their companies; therefore their activities must comply with recognized sectoral quality and ecological standards and must avoid illegal acts such as tax evasion, Social Security evasion and illegal employment.

Bosad members and companies take pains to avoid damaging the natural environment and the cultural and historical texture. They comply with all environmental regulations.


The members of the association undertake to comply with the above-mentioned Essential Principles determined by the Board. Members who do not comply with these principles and rules will be reported directly to the Board by other members. The Board evaluates the application and terminates the membership of the related person or company in the presence of valid reasons.