Our Values

Our Mission

  • To conduct and support professional and scientific research, to create strong and long-term collaborative and consulting relationships with private and similar sectoral organizations with the objective of economic and commercial development of the sector
  • To make awareness-raising and educational activities directed to the public and to consumers using all communication instruments for the purpose of maintaining and reinforcing the economic and commercial power of the coating industry
  • To organize and participate in national and international events and the necessary training programs to satisfy the need for qualified personnel and to increase the members’ professional knowledge and experience

Our Vision

To become a leading and model sectoral association capable of ensuring the ongoing efficiency and development of the Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry by creating collaborations with our partners in sectoral fields

Our Values

Bosad members working for the development of the Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry do not comprise from the principles of

  • Honesty
  • Law Abidement
  • Respect for Employee Rights
  • Independence Within a Democratic and Parliamentary System
  • Transparency and Honesty Concerning the Use of Economic and Commercial Information
  • Respect and Sensitiveness to the Environment and the Community and they represent Bosad within the framework of these principles.

Our Goals

  • In-house research, analysis and studies through work groups, committees and experts
  • Collaborations with national, international, private and public institutions and companies
  • To release the opinions of the related institutions and companies to the public authorities to reinforce the Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry
  • To work and reach in order to provide the necessary protection and incentives
  • To organize activities to support and promote collaboration and union of forces between members, universities and research institutions
  • To conduct, support and help professional and scientific research
  • To become the “Unique Sectoral Representative Organization” of the Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry and to gain the official status of “Public Interest Association”
  • To make and have make sectoral research comprising all areas of the paint and coatings industry
  • To make decision and give advice on mutual sectoral topics
  • Serving public authorities as consultants in the processes of preparation and development of legislations concerning the paint and coatings industry and influencing developments as the representative of the sector
  • To ensure a joint approach concerning threats to the environment and society health in relation to the paint and coatings industry
  • To evaluate and encourage actual and potential exportation opportunities
  • To highlight the outstanding qualities of the Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry’s products and to inform the public
  • To work on the goals of identification, protection, informing the public about the economic and commercial power of the Turkish and World Paint and Coatings Industry
  • To make educational and awareness-raising activities to help consumers to benefit from high-quality and healthy paint and coatings products
  • Various publications to ensure sectoral communication