Activities 2010-2009

Bosad's Bureaucratic Activities

The period of 2009-2010 has been marked by effective and efficient results achieved via Bosad’s comprehensive bureaucratic activities to meet a long-term need of the Turkish paint and raw materials industries.

Bosad’s bureaucratic contacts have been maintained primarily with the broad participation and contributions of the Board and of the technical specialists in every field under the coordination of the General Secretariat. The Association’s ongoing and intensive industrial/professional efforts regarding the current and technical problems of the paint and raw materials industries have been maintained.

Bosad Committees have been organized to perform far-reaching initiatives and contacts with public bodies and institutions in order to create solutions for basic problems of the industry. High-level public bodies and institutions and bureaucratic bodies have been contacted regarding the problematic issues and urgent problems of the industry. Bosad’s bureaucratic contacts include:

  • Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry and related departments,
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Public Works and Settlement
    • General Directorate of Construction,
    • High Board of Technical Works and related departments
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labor and Social Security
    • General Directorate of İSGÜM (Occupational Health and Safety Institute)
    • Presidency of Inspection Committee and related departments,
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of Environmental Management and related departments,
    • Department of Air Management
    • Department of Chemicals Management
    • Department of Climate Change
    • Department of Waste Management
    • Department of Water and Soil Management
    • Directorate of Foreign Relations and EU Affairs
  • Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade and related departments,
    • General Directorate of Export
    • General Directorate of Import
    • General Directorate of Standardization of Foreign Trade
    • General Directorate of the European Union
  • Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs and related departments,
    • General Directorate of Customs
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Finance and related departments,
    • Department of Finance Inspectors
    • o Revenue Administration Department
    • o Department of Revenues Supervision
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education and related departments,
    • Directorate of Technical Training
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and related departments,
    • General Directorate for Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy
    • General Directorate of Basic Health Services
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Trade and related departments,
    • General Directorate for Measures and Standards
    • General Directorate of Industrial Research and Development
    • General Directorate of Industry
    • Directorate of Strategy Development
    • General Directorate of the EU Coordination
  • Secretariat of State Planning Organization,
  • Republic of Turkey Energy Market Regulatory Authority and related departments,
  • Presidency of Turkish Standards Institution and related departments
    • Directorate of Standards Preparation Center
    • Directorate of International Standards
    • TSE-Chemicals Specialization Group
    • Paints and Varnishes Mirror Committee

Bosad’s bureaucratic activities in 2009-2010, along with effective initiatives and activities of working groups established in our organization as sectoral representative have paved the way for professional and the industrial solutions to the current bureaucratic and structural problems. These sectoral solutions include:

  • In line with the suggestions of Bosad, liberalization of import of basic industrial products, obtaining some other legal permissions, and amendment of other regulations (Liberation of permissions by EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) on solvent and its derivatives – January 2009 / industry-related operations within the renewed organization of EMRA)
  • Resolution of various technical problems related to the raw material imports at the customs,
  • VAT and SCT (Special Consumption Tax) cut requests presented to the Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Finance, and benefits gained,
  • Unit Price Item No Studies carried out with Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement/High Board of Technical Works in 2009, 2010 and 2011 periodic studies,
  • Cooperation works for Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement on Market Surveillance and Audit applications,
  • Resulting bureaucratic problems related to the production and technological structure of the paint and raw materials industries,
  • Improvement and arrangement of the labor force through vocational technical training projects and works,
  • Completion of the technical inventory - greatly needed in the paints and raw materials areas within the Chemical Industry – of particularly Hazardous Chemicals and REACH, also becoming the only sector to complete the REACH Registration System
  • Revising and drawing up the Technical Specifications within the tender system of Highways thanks to the assistance of specialists in Bosad’s related work group.
  • Technical studies focusing on TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) Standards,
  • DTM-based (Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade) operations to further the support to improve foreign trade opportunities of the industry and to enhance gained benefits.
Other Bureaucratic Contacts and Activities
  • In accordance with the Regulation on the Inventory and Control of Chemicals, which is of particular interest to the chemical and paint industry, the experts from the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Department of Chemicals Management, Directorate of Inventory and Risk Assessment have organized a technical seminar to inform Bosad members on taking inventory of imported chemicals.
  • At the seminar on Directives on Volatile Organic Compounds, co-organized by Bosad and REC (Regional Environmental Center), experts from the Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, General Directorate of Chemicals Management, Department of Air Management and REC experts from the EU have informed the participants on harmonization efforts in Turkey in accordance with the related VOC regulations and progresses in the EU.
  • At the technical seminar organized by the Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, General Directorate of Chemicals Management, experts from KİPLAS (Chemical, Petroleum, Rubber and Plastic Industries Employers Association of Turkey) have informed participants on the national regulations and legislations on chemicals management, waste management, air management, wastewater management and soil management, which are of vital importance for the chemicals and paint industry.
  • Within the framework of the Regulation on Biocidal Products issued by the Ministry as a result of the meetings between the Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Health and Bosad, Bosad’s suggestions concerning the implementation of the regulation have been substantially carried out.
  • Implementation and technical problems occurred in relation to the G-Communiqué recently compiled and issued by the Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement has placed a significant financial burden on the industry. In this context, a technical working group established within Bosad has cooperated with the related Ministry and TSE in order to alter the current bureaucratic structure, and Bosad’s suggestions are most likely expected to be agreed at the meeting of YAMTEK technical commission in May 2011.

Bosad’s Sectoral Activities

Bosad has furthered its activities in the industry, in the period of 2009-2010, through different-sized and scaled co-operations with other professional associations which have similar targets. Bosad has taken part in various professional activities related to the chemical and coatings industries, and has represented the industries with its written/oral forecasts and evaluations leading it to professional successes in a different dimension and with different results compared to other organizations.

The activities in this area have been substantially carried out by experts from our Technical Working Groups and Secretariat General under the leadership of Chairman and Members of the Board. During this process, joint studies have been performed by KİPLAS (Chemical, Petroleum, Rubber and Plastic Industries Employers Association of Turkey), TİSK (Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations), TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey), TİM (Turkish Exporters Assembly), İZODER (Association of Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Sound Insulation and Fireproofing Material Producers, Suppliers and Applicators), İMSAD (Association of Turkish Building Material Producers), TKSD (Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association) and significant regional Chambers of Industry and Commerce. In addition, the project-based vocational trainings have continued in this period with the cooperation of Universities and High Schools which carry out studies related to the industry.

Bosad collaborates with these institutions in technical studies with a common ground and plays active role in the organized events. In this context, as a part of the industrial collaborations, the Chemical Industry Platform has been established, and Bosad has contributed and participated in 4th and 5th Chemical Council Meetings, respectively held in İzmir and Ankara.

Another example of industrial collaboration has been the joint industrial meeting held in 2009 in collaboration with İMMİB (Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Association)/İKMİB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Product Exporters’ Association) under the heading “Determination of an Export Strategy for the Paint Industry”. At the meeting current and future export targets have been defined with a high participation from the industry.

Sectoral subjects as below were agreed:

  • Russia, Ukraine and Romania are indispensable countries where promotional activities should be performed,
  • Iran, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia are target export markets
  • Irak should be granted with a special statute due to its potential and proximity.

Furthermore, Commercial Buyer Committees have been established in collaboration with İMMİB/İKMİB and DTM, and participants from the industry have been encouraged to take part in these committees. These committees visited Iran, Syria, and Algeria in 2010 to improve paint and raw materials exports to these countries.

As a part the professional collaboration with İMMİB, activities regarding the technical structure of the industry have been carried out; REACH and CLP Help Desks have given seminars for only Bosad members in March and October 2010 ensuring information sharing within the industry.

Within the scope of the joint activities of Bosad and its international counterparts; a technical seminar on major industrial issues such as VOC, REACH, İSG (Occupational Health and Safety) practices on the agenda of the EU with the participation of Director General of ESIG (European Solvents Industry Group) Ms. Dorothee Arns (May 2010).

Sectoral Joint Participation Projects

paintistanbul 2010 Paint Industry and Auxiliary Products Congress and Exhibition

Bosad, together with the Board, Members and Sectoral Supporters continued to work on this project for over two years. paintistanbul 2010 was held at the Istanbul Congress Center and Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center between 23-26 September, 2010. During the Exhibition social events and commercial presentations were held, while the Congress agenda covered discussion sessions and presentations on the most recent scientific and technological developments in the coatings and raw material industry. 469 people attended to the Congress. 47% of participants are from the industry, 43% from universities and 10% from other institutions. 89% of the participants were national, whereas 11% of them international.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of State for Foreign Trade, and under the authority and responsibility of DTM/İKMİB, comprehensive promotion activities were carried out for 50 countries with Commercial Attaches and Embassies. As a result of the collaboration with DTM, the Foreign Buyer Committee consisting of 25 delegates from 20 companies in 6 countries made bilateral commercial meetings with participants from the industry in the exhibition center in Istanbul.

With the collective efforts of Sabancı University Enterprise Europe Network and Bosad, foreign committees came to Istanbul for matching meetings. 7 foreign companies and 13 Turkish companies took part in this event and 35 separate commercial meetings were held.

Within the scope of the paintistanbul 2010 project, the General Assembly meeting of CEPE, the European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colours Industry, was held in Istanbul as the first one at outside the EU. Bosad organized a gala dinner for CEPE General Assembly members. Furthermore, as an another organization, a professional collaboration meeting was held between VdL (German Paint Industry Association) and Board Members of Bosad, and VdL visited the Exhibition.

"Istanbul, Harmony of Colors” Project organized by Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul (İBB) and Bosad"

Aimed at creating broad awareness of the painting culture and consumption in national society, the project was initiated in the third quarter of 2009 and completed in October 2010 in Istanbul. Within the scope of the related project, exteriors of certain places in 7 districts (Kâğıthane, Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Bahçelievler, Çekmeköy, Esenler ve Kartal) of İstanbul were renovated by the sponsorship support of 7 Bosad members (Betek, ÇBS, DYO, Kalekim, Kayalar, Marshall ve Polisan).

140 buildings, 8 bridges and approximately 40.000 m2 exterior areas were renovated and gained modern looks to serve as a model for all parts of Istanbul. The budget allocated for this project consisted of an implementation budget of TL 350,000, and a communication and promotion budget of TL 75,000, and also the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul provided an additional financial support of TL 180,000 as a contribution to the organization of the project.

Renovate Your Home Project” Realized by Bosad/ TOBB and NGOs

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), NGOs Operating in Construction Industry, Halkbank and over 13 thousand dealers almost of 90 companies from the construction industry and 640 branches of Halkbank participated in the “Renovate Your Home Turkey” campaign initiated in 2009 to give momentum to the building materials industry and national economy by providing attractive opportunities to the consumers.

Bosad/ MEB (Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education) Joint Education Projects

Training Activities in 2 Vocational School of Higher Education and 11 Vocational High School continue thanks to the contributions of the Bosad members, as part of the Bosad’s projects to grow qualified labor force for the paint and coatings industry. These trainings are continued according to the Education Training Protocol signed between Bosad and the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, joint activities of vocational training are performed in Bornova Selçuk Yaşar Vocational High School as part of the Vocational Technical Training Project of Bosad and in accordance with an additional Technical Training Protocol signed with MEB.

Joint Sectoral Impact Analysis (SEA) Project Conducted by Bosad / REC Turkey / Boğaziçi University

“Environmental Capacity Development Project” the main beneficiary of which is Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has been conducted by REC Turkey (Regional Environmental Center) with the support of Boğaziçi University. As part of this project, Sectoral Impact Analysis (SEA) (2009-2010-2011) has been carried out to examine the impact of the legislation to be changed in the EU harmonization process on the accumulator - battery, automotive and paint industry and the possible cost of this change. Project is being carried out with the participation of Bosad, the representative of the paint and coatings industry as the related Professional Association and its leading members.

Bosad / Enterprise Europe Network – Sabancı University the EU’s Seventh Framework Program 2007-2013 Project

Bosad maintains its activities to facilitate development dynamics of the industry in period of 2010-2011 as part of the “EU Seventh Framework Program 2007-2013” with the participation of SMEs sized sectoral members in Bosad and other equivalent professional associations. Joint projects are conducted with Sabancı University Enterprise Europe Network.

Establishment of Exam and Certification Center Project, as Part of Occupational Standards Project Conducted by Bosad/KİPLAS Cooperation

"Establishment of Exam and Certification Center for the Chemical Industry Project", as the applicant of project, KİPLAS (Turkish Chemicals, Oil, Rubber and Plastic Industry Employers Association) to be submitted to the Central Finance and Contracts Unit within the scope of Voc-Test Center Grant Program with Voc-Test-10 reference number, is in progress with the support of Secretariat General and with the participation of Ahmet Faik Bitlis (Chairman of Bosad) and Feridun Uzunyol (Vice Chairman of Bosad), as the representatives of Bosad and Bosad take place in this project as sectoral participant.

The Establishment of National Occupational Standards Project

The project has been initiated by Bosad, as the project owner, and continued with the joint activities of the Ministry of Labor, Vocational Qualifications Authority with the aim of determining the main criteria of national occupational standards and practice areas. At the development stage KİPLAS has worked on the project, and Bosad and the institutions of the members of Chemical Industry Platform have conducted joint activities under the coordination of KİPLAS. With the efforts of Bosad technical working group during the project, such industry-oriented standards as Paint Quality Assurance Officer-Level 4, Paint Filling Operator-Level 3, Color Setting Operator, Paint Production, Packaging, Filling Operator Occupational Standards have been drawn up and submitted to the Vocational Qualifications Authority. Moreover, Building Painter –Level 3 Standards have been completed as part of the same project in cooperation with İNTES (Turkish Construction Industry Employers’ Associations).

Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility (PLM) Project Applications for the Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Project, a project with a budget of approximately 50,000 Euro, has made on February 4th 2011.

IKMIB applied for the Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Project, a project with a budget of approximately 50,000 Euro, on February 4th, 2011. The project will be organized by ECT. Oekotokolokie GmbH, a company operating in Germany and directed by İKMİB together with its shareholders the Association of Turkish Paint Industry, Chamber of Chemical Engineers, Istanbul Technical University’s Institute of Science and the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association. Professors from Goethe University will provide support for the project in which 30 participants will be trained on REACH.

TAIEX Project

TAIEX, the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument managed by the Directorate-General Enlargement of the EU Commission, will accept project applications only from public bodies and institutions, and the Secretariat General for the European Union Affairs will conduct the application process.

The project will cover technical trainings for a group of 30 participants from DTM, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, IMMIB, TKSD, Bosad, TOBB, IGEME.

Paint and Coatings Industry International Marketing Team Project

In accordance with the Communiqué on the Promotion of International Competitiveness, and with the cooperation of IKMIB and Bosad, Paint and Coatings Industry International Marketing Team Project has been developed. The project includes establishing a trade delegation consisting of 30 Bosad members and delegates from other sectoral institutions to carry out market research and foreign marketing activities, and creating procurement committees. The project is predicted to be implemented in the period of 2011-2012.

Bosad's Other Occupational Activities

Bosad maintained technical activities through joint working groups established within Bosad to address the problems of the industry in 2009/2010. These occupational activities have been conducted by the support of members of Board of Bosad. Bosad Working Groups, the number of which is over 20 today, have been established according to the current and structural problems of the paint and raw materials industry. Almost 150 technical experts from the members of Bosad contribute to the activities of Bosad Working Groups.

Meetings with Bosad Members to Improve Communication and Socialization

Bosad organized a business dinner for the members in January 2009. In this social event the Effects of Economic Crisis on the Paint and Coatings Industry was discussed with the participation of Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin and contributions of Bosad members on the economic and social assessments.

A presentation about the effects of the developments in Turkish economy and its reflections on the paint and coating industry was made in another event which was held in September 2010 with the participation of Prof. Dr. Taner Berksoy.

As part of its social activities, Bosad also provides support to the Hereke Ömer İsmet Uzunyol Vocational School of Higher Education, a source of labor force for the industry.

Bosad’s Communication and Press Activities

In addition to Bosad’s general activities related to the paint and raw material industry in 2009-2010, it carried out communication activities via newspapers, magazines and TV channels. The industry have been introduced and promoted in a number of newspapers, including Dünya, Hürriyet, Sabah and their supplements, and such magazines as Capital, İnşaat & Yatırım, Dünya İnşaat, Euronewsport, Timreport, European Coatings Journal etc. Also, thanks to the comprehensive communication efforts, there has been broad media coverage on the printed and visual media with many news and comments about the paintistanbul 2010 and Istanbul, Harmony of Colors projects of İBB and Bosad in 2009-2010.