Relations with CEPE

CEPE is an International organization open to direct membership to Paint or Printing Ink or Artists’ Colour companies within the EU28 or Norway or Switzerland (the CEPE territory) that also hold a membership with a National Association that is associated with CEPE. National paint associations in the mentioned territory are the associated members of CEPE. On the other hand, affiliated membership is open to printing ink or artist colour companies or national associations outside the CEPE territory, and suppliers to the industry.  BOSAD became an affiliated member of CEPE in 2007, and represents Turkish paint industry in that platform.

CEPE is an industry association that offers the legal platform for its members to meet and to discuss industry issues.

According to CEPE, the typical issues that require a collective industry approach, often originate from two areas:

  • Upcoming or existing legislation on safety, health and the environment (chemicals, emissions, labelling, transport etc.)
  • Unsatisfactory situations in the industry concerning the position or the image of the whole sector.

Efforts that are undertaken can be reactive or pro-active to these issues. The benefits from the collective efforts are meant for those that have joined the CEPE membership.