Working Groups

Wood-Furniture Working Group


Marine Coatings Working Group


Decorative Coatings Working Group

  • - Sub-Working Group on Unfair Competition
  • - Sub-Working Group on Industrial Growth and Consumption Increase
  • - Sub-Working Group on Raising Consumer Awareness

Automotive Coatings Working Group


Industrial Coatings and Powder Coatings Working Group


Printing Inks Working Group


R&D Working Group

  • - Standards/TSE Sub-Working Group
  • - REACH Sub-Working Group
  • - VOC Sub-Working Group

Raw Materials Working Group

- Sub-Working Group on Technical Inventory
- Sub-Working Group on Investment Co-operation
- Sub-Working Group on Biocidal Products
- Sub-Working Group on Environment (Waste Management, EU Legislations, Regulation on Hazardous Chemicals and Applications)

Working Group on Human Resources and Vocational Technical Training

  • - İSG Sub-Working Group (İSG/İSGÜM Joint Protocol, MYK Protocol and related Activities)

Working Group on Corporate Affairs / Industrial Public Finance


Production-Logistics Working Group

  • - (ADR Regulations/Project Implementation, the EU Integration and International Road Transport Agreement)

Other Technical Sub-Working Groups

  • Foreign Trade Working Group
  • paintistanbul 2010-2012 Congress and Exhibition Project
  • İBB and Local Administrations
  • Board of Technical Works (YFK) Working Groups
  • Technical Working Group on Pre-Packaged Products
  • Working Group on Measurement and Standards